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Past Performance

Major projects completed since the launch of Off Grid Electrical Installations in April 2017

Major Projects

Major Projects and Maintenance

Our Customers

Our customers cover a range of business sectors, including:

  • Power utilities;
  • Regional and Remote communities;
  • Pastoral stations;
  • Local Government and Councils;
  • Commercial and Industrial Developments; and
  • Eco Accommodation Facilities.

Our major customers include:

  • Northern Territory Government;
  • Power and Water Corporation;
  • Local Governments and Councils;
  • Davidsons Arnhem Land Safaris;
  • Halikos Developments
  • Air First; and
  • Ingkerrekke Commercial.

Arnhem Land Safaris

Design, supply and installation of stand alone power system to service luxury bush accommodation and dining.

Emu Springs Telstra Exchange

Upgrades to DC power systems, including installation of battery banks and solar panels.

Minabuy Telstra Exchange

  • Upgrades to DC and AC power systems including installation of new generator;
  • Installation of DC air-conditioning system including associated controls; and
  • Completion of on-site civil works including concrete slabs and associated trenching.

Darwin Telstra Exchange

  • Installation of air handling units, including associated controls, AC cabling and switchboards;
  • Installation of LOD distribution panel; and
  • Completion of perimeter cladding works as part of building upgrades.

Telstra Life Cycle
Replacement Program

Replacement of various battery banks at numerous exchanges throughout the Northern Territory.

Tindal RAAF

Replacement of old power system and installation of new power system along with load cut overs and alarm installation.

Service and Maintenance

Solar Power Systems

  • Ongoing service and maintenance of existing Bushlight solar power systems located throughout the Northern Territory and Western Australia; and
  • Ongoing service and maintenance of existing solar system installed at Berkeley river supporting luxury accommodation.

Body Corporate Management

  • Servicing of various generators that support essential power in the event of power outages;
  • Servicing and maintenance of lightning protection systems; and
  • Testing of earth grid systems.

Work Shop Servicing and Maintenance

  • Generator repairs and servicing; and
  • Inverter repairs and servicing.

We cover all aspects of the project

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